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The professionalism of our discrete, attentive and responsive managing team makes Fleur De Lys regularly catering to heads of state, diplomatic representations and some of the most relevant personalities and palaces in Lebanon and in the GCC. Fleur De Lys contributes as well to many private events, whether formal dinners, friends gatherings, parties or just birthdays. We have no formulas but unique practices.

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Corporate Catering

A talented, creative and enthusiastic team follows Fleur De Lys philosophy that every event should be perfect. We are dedicated to craft our catering in events of multinational companies, leading corporations and to the most famous brands. We offer exclusive presentations, taste and service through a qualified team. We offer Professionalism… We offer Quality!


Supported by a dedicated team, Fleur De Lys has reached heights that only few years ago would have seemed unimaginable. The winning combination of our talented chefs, some with Michelin star training, and our expertise makes each wedding an outstanding success. Fleur De Lys has catered some of the most exceptional Royal weddings ever organized in the GCC. This vast wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity ensures each wedding catered by Fleur De Lys a Dream Wedding!

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Everlasting Memories

I know,
I will never reach the Perfection, 
I am aiming for, but,
I will never stop trying to get it.

Michel Ferneini, Founder and Chairman of Fleur de Lys



Prime Minister of Canada Jean chrétien

Ambassador Patrick Renaud

Chef Alfonso laccarino

Us Ambassador Vincent Battle

Ambassador Stefan De Mistura

President Jimmy Carter

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